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Introducing Cyber Grant Inc, developer of Remotegrant

Shaping a future with accessible cybersecurity for all.

Who is Cyber Grant

Cyber Grant Inc., headquartered in Menlo Park, California, stands out in the field of cybersecurity and digital rights protection. Leveraging the twenty years of experience of its founders, the company develops high-performance, user-friendly and economically accessible software, in line with military-grade security standards.

Cyber Grant's focus on usability is crucial in managing cyber threats related to the human factor, offering solutions that promote user cooperation, reducing risks, and improving security and usability. Its solutions aim to facilitate the adoption of advanced technologies for the complete protection of data, devices, and infrastructures.

In the heart of Silicon Valley

Cyber Grant Headquarter

Menlo Park

101 Jefferson Dr, CA 94025, United States - Ph. +1 650-622-5410

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Global Ambition: www.cybergrant.net

We're committed to expanding our presence across the globe.

Valerio Pastore
Founder of Cyber Grant Inc.

People need simple and immediate access to the applications they use most frequently, whether in the office or remotely. The company must govern the system and enable processes without ever losing sight of security and compliance.


Its core mission is to empower all business sizes to fortify their online presence, providing defense against cyber threats with cutting-edge, secure, user-friendly tools for data protection.

Patented technology

Cyber Grant technology's defensibility lies both in its advanced, patented features and its unparalleled ease of use, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries requiring secure sharing and data protection.