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Specific protection systems tailored to your business.

Target and prevalent use cases.

Remotegrant is the solution tailored to meet the unique needs of each sector.

The cornerstone of our offering is the Sandbox mode, establishing a fortified, controlled environment where sensitive information remains inaccessible to unauthorized users. This feature is particularly crucial for entities where the protection of intellectual property, such as patents, designs, and trade secrets, is vital.

Through the advanced policies of Remotegrant, we cater to a broad array of needs, from safeguarding proprietary manufacturing processes to securing confidential financial data in the tech sector.

For instance, a manufacturing firm can prevent the unauthorized sharing of product blueprints, while a software company can block the exfiltration of files via remote sessions.

Some examples of application fields of the platform

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Workspace security as protection of intellectual property.

Developer writing code

Protecting source codes from potential theft and misuse.

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Secure remote access to operate without compromising systems.

consultants looking at screen

Temporary employees always protected in Smart Working.

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Ready-to-use cybersecurity for operational virtual offices anywhere.

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Application fields

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