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A security add-on with many benefits.

The digital protection you need.

Widespread work, centralized control.

Detailed visibility of activities, profiling of authorized users, separation of private and work environments. With Remotegrant, the remote desktop is protected on every device.

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Smart setup, no impact on IT infrastructures


Ready-to-use solution, with High performance


Uncompromised protection even against backdoors


Scaled plans, available at affordable rates

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Key benefits of the platform

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Easy Implementation

A software solution that even system administrators without advanced cybersecurity knowledge can install effortlessly.

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Instant Protection

Activate security features immediately and trought the cloud for immediate application and defense.

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The installed agent operates seamlessly without slowing down PCs or requiring user interaction.

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Internal Defense

Safeguard against malicious activitiesfrom within with our application's robust internal protection measures.

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Human Error

Our application drastically reduces the risk of human error, enhancing overall security posture.

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Smart Dashboard

Manage security features,view breaches, and mitigate attacks from one comprehensive control center.

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Full Control Panel

With Remotegrant's advanced settings, your machine park
is always under control.

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Application fields of the platform

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Temporary employees always work protected in smart working.

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Secure remote access to operate without compromising systems.

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Protecting source codes from potential theft and misuse.

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Remotegrant's security standards ensure developers can work confidently, safeguarding source code against copying and sharing, thus protecting intellectual property rights and preventing misuse.

Your Tailored plan

Get the perfect security solution fit for your unique needs and


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