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Total defense of your systems

Secure, agile, and productive. Without complications.

An ever-vigilant

Remotegrant enables control of any physical or virtual desktop, leveraging some of the most advanced military-grade logic to ensure a always secure remote desktop experience.

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Uncompromised protection even against backdoors


High performance, alerts, and always-active connections.


The system evolves based on security objectives.


Centralized technology in an all-in-one platform.

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Some security features

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Sandbox mode

Establishing a secure, enclosed work environment, strictly controlling internal, external access and exit with defined permissions.

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Secure RDP file transfer

Deny exfiltration by blocking file transfers from RDP sessions to the local host ensuring robust data security and preventing unauthorized access

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File deletion protection

Safeguard files by through enhanced security measures preventing their unintended or unauthorized deletion through enhanced security measures.

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Stop fake applications

Advanced filters to block unauthentic apps, ensuring only verified, reliable software is executed, safeguarding against disguised malware

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Monitor Sensitive Activities

Alert the system administrator and, if necessary, initiate screen recording upon detection of sensitive activities.

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User Profiling

Setting the credentials to determine who can and cannot access the virtual desktop machine. Real-time definition of usage time slots.

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Geo-Blocking Rules

Perimeter protection settings and system access permissions, withrestrictions based on IP addresses and detected geographic location.

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Automatic Ports

Automatic open-close ports authorized by the communication channel. When off, the system cannot be attacked. As secure as if the cable were unplugged.

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Data Loss Prevention

Preventing unauthorized data leaks with stringent access controls and real-time monitoring for enhanced security.

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Full Control Panel

With Remotegrant's advanced settings, your machine park
is always under control.

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Application fields of the platform

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Plug-and-play cybersecurity for virtual offices operational anywhere.

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Temporary employees always work protected in smart working.

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Workspace security as a protection of intellectual property.

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Remotegrant's security standards allow access to business information while automating the protection of sensitive data.

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