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Active shields against Cyber Crime

Hackers never sleep. Neither does Remotegrant.

Complex threats to face

20 years in IT, dominated by worms, then malware, and finally the insidious ransomware.

Computer with vulnerabilities

There's much to do. And all your work to protect

As of 2023, cyberattacks are increasing, with a report showing that businesses face an average of 22 security breaches per year. This alarming trend underscores the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and maintain operational integrity.

Defending against multifaceted dangers

Viruses and hacker attacks are dynamic threats, and cybersecurity is continually evolving to combat a wide variety of Worms, Trojans, Backdoors, Spyware, Bots, and Rootkits.

Companies are increasingly suffering from the theft of sensitive data, identity theft, or the forced shutdown of activities. Often substantial, these damages are caused by cybercrimes against which it is inadvisable to be defenseless and unprepared.

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Data Breach

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Ddos Hacktivism

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AI and the Metaverse will not be less risky

Artificial Intelligence is already causing significant changes in cybersecurity, and the challenge will only become more difficult in the near future. Organizations will need to be able to deal with very sophisticated attacks on their systems and business resources.

The new virtual worlds of the Metaverse will be no less dangerous, becoming the primary target for hacking of Avatars, fraud in interactive e-commerce, and theft of NFTs.

Security Policy followed by Remotegrant.

To reduce complexity through an integrated security system, limit the attack surface, and eliminate any possible data exfiltration.

Shield iconEnd-Point Security

Safeguarding devices with cutting-edge protection against evolving cyber threats

Shield iconApp & Data Protection

Securing your critical applications and data from breaches and cyber attacks.

Shield iconIdentity Access Management

Streamlining secure access to ensure the right users have the right permissions.

Application fields of the platform

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Plug-and-play cybersecurity for virtual offices operational anywhere.

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Temporary employees always work protected in smart working.

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Workspace security as a protection of intellectual property.

Remote Working

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