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Remotegrant is tailored security for both corporate and private smart working.

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The modern Zero Trust model, adhering to a "never trust, always verify" principle, is crucial for facilitating remote work across corporate networks.

Its proactive approach includes explicit verification of authorized access, timely validation of privileges, and continuous monitoring of activities, applications, and data. Notably, Remotegrant's zero-trust framework provides an added layer of protection: if traditional antivirus solutions fail to detect ransomware, Remotegrant steps in to block it.

This capability to offer additional defense against sophisticated threats underscores Remotegrant's effectiveness in ensuring digital ecosystem resilience.

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Zero-Trust Design

For corporate cloud security, Remotegrant adopts an innovative architectural approach and embraces a Zero Trust model to enable remote working.

Workspace protection features proactive threat detection. Access is flexible and granular, reserved only for entitled applications.

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Client and Server

For client and server security, Remotegrant leverages a Zero Trust framework, ensuring comprehensive protection across all endpoints.

It provides continuous monitoring and real-time threat analysis, enhancing the security posture of both clients and servers.

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Copyright Protection

For businesses and professional firms, proprietary ideas, projects, and sensitive data are valuable digital assets that must never be extorted or stolen.

In addition to securing remote access and individual applications, Remotegrant also addresses numerous issues related to intellectual property protection.

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Workspace security as a protection of intellectual property.

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Protecting source codes from potential theft and misuse.

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Secure remote access to operate without compromising systems.

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Designers can freely work within a Virtual Desktop to which only they have access and from which they cannot remove any part of a project.

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